Nikki Foulis


Before joining Richmond Chambers as a junior, Nikki worked as a criminal defence solicitor in Scotland. That provided valuable Court-room experience, working with top advocates in the Scottish legal profession and on a wide range of proceedings (including murder trials, sexual offence cases, and misuse of drug offences).

Nikki has since re-qualified in New Zealand and brings that trial focus to her commercial/civil practice. Nikki works with the senior barristers at Chambers in a variety of different specialties. She has a particular interest in regulatory and judicial review proceedings.

Nikki also has an excellent academic record, having obtained a Masters in Law from Trinity College, Dublin. Nikki is dual qualified in Scotland and New Zealand.

Recent Experience

WĀNAKA STAKEHOLDERS GROUP INC v QUEENSTOWN LAKES DISTRICT COUNCIL [2021] NZHC 852 Assisted senior counsel for the plaintiffs in a judicial review proceeding regarding a proposed jet-capable airport at Wanaka.

NZME LIMITED v NINE ENTERTAINMENT CO. HOLDINGS LTD [2020] NZHC 1565, 1567 Assisted senior counsel in relation to submissions made by Stuff NZ (interested third party) with regards to access to, and publication of, commercially sensitive court documents.

LINDSAY v CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY 2018-085-453, District Court, Wellington Acted, with senior counsel, for the appellant, in relation to a decision by the Director of the CAA to impose conditions on the appellant’s medical certificate on the grounds the appellant’s personality traits posed a threat to aviation safety.

HER MAJESTY’S ADVOCATE v GADECKI* Acted, with senior counsel, for an individual facing double murder charges.

HER MAJESTY’S ADVOCATE v RUSSELL* Acted, with senior counsel, for an individual facing a murder charge (outcome-downgraded to culpable homicide).

HER MAJESTY’S ADVOCATE v MCLEOD* Acted, with senior counsel, for an individual facing multiple charges of rape against a number of individuals and assault.

HER MAJESTY’S ADVOCATE v SIMPSON & ANOR * Acted, with senior counsel, in relation to charges around the misuse of drugs (significant intra-UK drug offending).

* Whilst acting as a Solicitor in Scotland